Delivering high quality and comprehensive Equine Veterinary Services to the Adelaide Hills, Foothills and Fleurieu Peninsula

We are a dedicated equine veterinary practice based in Hahndorf, South Australia. From miniatures to high level performance sports and racehorses, our experienced team of veterinary surgeons are ready to treat them all.

We provide a professional, local, reliable and affordable 24 hour, 365 day a year service for every horse under our care.

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment allows us to perform a comprehensive range of visiting veterinary services at your property. From our Hahndorf clinic we also perform surgery & intensive hospital care as well as routine appointments.


*** Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic is having a Gastroscope Day on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of May 2017 with limited spaces available. ***

To book please call the clinic on 83887489

We pride ourselves on offering a 24/7 service.

With this after-hours service charges do apply out of normal opening times.Please register and/or update your details if you are not a regular client of this clinic.

Should you not be registered with the clinic or hold an account in payment terms an on the spot payment of $400 (non registered clients) or $250 (registered for casual clients) will apply.Credit Card machines will be carried by the vets or cash will be expected.

It is unfortunate that we need to employ this policy, however we seem to be covering numerous other veterinarians after hours duties and problem payers have forced us into this situation.

Please be courteous to the vets on call and take note that they are providing an after-hours service.

Rudeness and/ or abuse will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your understanding.


 Contact us on 08 83887489 or visit our Online Shop for more information on Twydil Supplements & Hidez Compression Suit Technology.

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