Equine Blood Testing by Post

We can analyse and interpret your blood samples to find out why your horse may not be performing well and give suggestions that may improve performance.

Equine postal blood testing service

  • Racing Profile
  • Routine Haematology
  • Complete Biochemistry
  • Muscle Enzymes
  • Bulk Faecal Egg Count
  • Urine Analysis
  • Full Range of Hormone Tests

External appearance may be deceptive and often subtle blood changes indicate deficiency and problems with fitness before it can be detected externally. Our vets are experienced and current in their knowledge of performance equine medicine.

We can recommend the appropriate blood tests for your horse and how to get the most out of the testing - just call the office to have a chat with one of our vets. We can supply you with a blood collection kit containing a syringe, needle, tubes, biohazard bag and request form.

After you have obtained the samples and packaged securely you need to drop off the sample at our office or you can post the sample back to us for analysis. We recommend the use of either an overnight courier or Express Post to ensure there is minimal delay in the sample reaching us.Please ask the office to see if the sample needs to be chilled after collection.

The service includes the issue of the results and written report by email. We also offer phone support if you would like to discuss the results with one of our veterinarians.

To request a blood sampling kit or for more information call us on 08 8388 7489.