Ambulatory Visits

Health and performance checks, vaccinations, stud book bloods, microchips and routine dental care.

    Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic ambulatory visits
  • Routine visits: health checks, vaccinations, stud book bloods,microchips
  • Dentistry
  • Insurance Examinations & Examination for Purchase
  • Mobile endoscopy, digital x-rays, ECG’s
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Combined veterinary and farrier examinations
  • Lameness investigations
  • Stable health and performance visits

Stable health and performance

Advice about optimum equine nutrition, environment and health for all life stages.

Internal medicine

We carry out a full clinical examination and take a thorough history.

Digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy and ECG machine are all available for ambulatory visits.

X-ray Series

  • Repository x-rays for Thoroughbred yearling and weanling sales
  • Fully digital (instant access to the highest quality images)
  • Electronic submission
  • Expert analysis prior to submission


We carry out investigations using a thorough clinical evaluation, regional and specific analgesia, alongside diagnostic imaging. We would prefer to carry out lameness investigations at your property if you have a suitable flat surface and lunging facilities. We are also able to do this at our clinic if your facilities can not accommodate this.

Shockwave therapy

We often treat soft tissue injuries with this new and mobile treatment mode. Our new quieter machine is even better tolerated by our patients, for more information on this treatment please contact the clinic.

Performance visits

Poor performing horses can be extensively investigated using a range of tools to evaluate cardiac, respiratory and orthopaedic systems.

Combined farrier and vet treatment

Care of the equine foot is paramount in all horses, and we work closely with selected remedial farriers to implement and support remedial shoeing programs to allow improved performance in your horse.