Performance & Internal Medicine

Our lameness and performance medicine work is enhanced through the use of our state of the art equipment necessary for diagnosing the extensive range of injuries and issues associated with performance horses.

Video endoscopy at Adelaide Hills Equine Veterinary Hospital

  • Digital radiography - images visible immediately!
  • High resolution ultrasound for soft tissue injuries
  • Thoracic and Abdominal Ultrasound for respiratory infection or weight loss
  • ECG (electrocardiograms) for cardiac testing
  • Video Endoscopy
  • Dynamic treadmill and overground endoscopy
  • Clinic based and visiting services
  • Hospital facilities for inpatient care of sick horses
  • Poor performance and lameness investigations
  • Laboratory testing

Laboratory Testing

We offer in house routine blood testing for the most efficient results and to allow monitoring of our inpatients receiving intensive treatment in our hospital.

Cardiac Assessment

We have an ECG (electrocardiography) machine for detecting heart abnormalities which can be used in conjunction with ultrasound to assess the condition of your horse's heart. This might be used for Standardbred heart scores, or as part of a poor performance work up or pre-purchase examination.

Soft Tissue Assessment

High resolution ultrasound is used for assessment of tendons and ligaments within the equine distal limb. Our machines also allow us to scan deeper structures such as the equine pelvis, chest and abdominal cavity for patients where this is indicated.

Respiratory investigations

Imaging of  the airways and larynx is performed with our range of equine endoscopes. We can perform endoscopy to assess your horse's throat and airways at rest, but where applicable we also offer dynamic treadmill and overground endoscopy to assess airway function during exercise.


We have experienced equine lameness diagnosticians, who will use their clinical evaluation and regional analgesia to localize the source of your horse's issue. If indicated, we have digital radiography for immediate access to x-ray images as well as high resolution ultrasound to allow for an accurate diagnosis, correct treatment regimes and prognostic information. We can perform lameness evaluations both in the clinic and at your property, as our equipment is portable.


We have hospitalisation facilities for inpatient care of both stable and ICU patients at our Hahndorf Clinic. We can also arrange and supervise rehabilitation following surgery or extended hopstialisation for illness.