Compression Suits Assist Healing


One of our clients has given us a testimonial while using one of our Hidez suits on a 2 year old mare that has caught herself on a gate post.

“After a 4.5 hours stitch up by the vet, she has been safely transported home for management and plenty of cold hosing through the suit”. The idea is that the compression will help to control swelling and improve circulation to increase the “sticking” of her re attached skin.

“On day 10, after being kept in the stable at home, her wound is being hosed each day to keep it moist and hopefully prevent sticking to the suit as much as possible”. Its is draining very well through the suit (which attracts flies) but when hosed looks much better.

“The great thing about about the suit is that I don’t even think she knows the flies are there. They aren’t bothering her as she can’t feel them through the suit”. Update day 14 : Today the HIDEZ suit has been removed to observe the healing process. As expected a large amount of the skin had died but has done it’s job of providing protection to the damaged muscle tissue underneath.

“The suit increased blood flow through compression, has completely excluded swelling around the wound and in the lower abdomen area and has stopped the flies being able to get at the wound, no fly strike at all!!”

We will continue to hose the wound daily through the HIDEZ suit and look forward to removing it in the weeks to come to observe the healing process.

Day 25 – we removed the HIDEZ suit again today to observe healing. “A HUGE amount of contraction of the whole wound has occurred and the deep muscle injury filling that has happened is AMAZING!” We have only been using the suit and hosing, no other topical products or medications and the progression of healing is outstanding!

Veterinary Success StoryVeterinary Success Story